Retreats for Pastoral Families

The following are resources specifically for pastoral couples and families. May you find rest and relaxation!

A Quiet Place | Bryantsville, KY | Free
Provides a 5 day sabbatical complete with a self-directed program for renewal.

Shunem House | Noblesville, IN | Reasonable Donation
Ideal facility for renewal and/or a planning retreat.

En Gedi Retreat | Yampa, CO | Free
Come get rested, refreshed, and renewed.

Beside Still Waters | Florida | $100/10 + deposit
Place of rest and refocus for those in the service the Lord.

Deer Ridge Ministries | Illinois | Free
5 day rest and renewal retreat for pastors and spouses.

The Springs | Oldenburg, IN | Donation
Encounter healing love and the presence of God.

Innkeeper Ministries | Lewisburg, OH | Free
Provides tangible support to meet the needs of leadership.

This is only a sampling of places for pastors and their families. For additional free or low cost retreat options in states across the country visit