A Little Bit of Nothing


Do you like the foam in a Latte?

Do you ever find yourself taking the lid off the latte cup and savoring just the foam?

Have you ever scooped the foam out on your finger and enjoyed it?

I caught myself, lid off, finger in the cup, and scooping foam this morning. Ahhh, enjoyable!

Foam really is “nothing”. It is mostly air, but oh how enjoyable that “nothing” was this morning.

As I sat outside doing what I would most days classify as “nothing”, God reminded me how enjoyable a few minutes of “nothing” really can be!

I could hear the wind lightly blowing through the trees and at least three different kinds of birds chatting. I could see the acorns hitting the ground. I saw and felt the tiny ant crawling on my arm, and I tasted the “nothing” of the latte foam. How enjoyable were these moments of “nothing” this morning! I was just being and NOT doing. Just listening and not talking. Just waiting and not hurrying.

And why did I find these moments so enjoyable? Because in our hurried, always wanting to be productive world, we have very few moments of “nothing”. When we miss our “nothing” moments we miss so much. God has been reminding me in so many ways to stop doing and start being. He reminds me that I would learn so much more and walk so much closer to Him if I would take what the world calls “doing nothing” moments and be in them. I would hear Him, see Him, feel Him, and touch Him if I would just take those moments. He is good, and He is in every moment! I have to stop missing Him.

How many “nothing” moments did you enjoy this week?

I am praying for each of us right now. I am praying we will take the “Nothing Challenge”? Take 10 minutes today and be in those “nothing” moments.

Just rest in the “nothing” and see it is something!

*Note: If you have a chance, share with us how the “Nothing Challenge” went!


KimCraftKim Craft loves the Lord and her wonderful eclectic family with all her heart and soul! Stories are her hobby. Stories people share with her while sipping tea, stories she reads in scripture, and stories in book after book that she devours. Kim marvels how the Lord has worked in people’s lives including her own. He has brought her through many chapters and in and out of many new editions. There are some she would have written and some she would not have. She believes the Lord has called her to be in community with others to encourage them and to share her story with them as they share their stories with her!